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A small Switzerland at home



​World of Rhätische Bahn (Rhaetian Railway)

A Railway company which is adored from across the world,

Swiss Rhätische Railways.

Not only such well known sightseeing trains as “Glacier Express” and “Bernina Express” but other trains operated travelling in the steep mountains during 150-year long history of the railway continue to attract numerous railway fans for enjoyment of the harmony of railways and the wonderful nature.

Since the manufacture of “Glacier Express” scale model in 2013, Kato has been releasing trains of Rhätische Bahn in N-scale, one after another, and made them grow into the best seller series continuously selling all over the globe.


With scale model trains of Rhätische Bahn in hand, please recollect the pleasant old days during the overseas tour or refresh the longing for Switzerland.

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