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Enjoy graceful ambience of train travel in the Classic Diner Car “Gurmino” of RhB.

WR3811 is the group of dining cars that was manufactured ahead of the start of diner service of RhB furnished with both of kitchen and dining room.  It was painted red when it first appeared, but renewed and remade in the long history and repainted dark blue in late 1990s in the livery of ACPC (Alpine Classic Pullman Express).  Currently it is used as the dining car of Glacier Express or combined into the train of EW1 passenger cars.

アルプスの青いレストランカー WR3811 GOURMINO.JPG

RhB Restaurant Car „Gourmino“ WR3811



The table lamp lights up (bulb color LED).
When the attached lighting plate for the interior light is installed, the interior light will also be lit by the light source of the table lamp. (LED room light clear is not used.)

©Rhätische Bahn

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