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Related items to enjoy the world of Rhätische Bahn series more

Alpine Glacier Express Desktop Layout


Example of a work made by adding houses, grass and flowers and trees


Alpine Glacier Express Desktop Layout


Yen 62,480

Sold by Hobby Center Kato

This is a half complete diorama layout with track already laid and basic terrain and meadows already formed, sprayed and sprinkled so that you can run a train easily in the railway landscape in Switzerland.  As the product is made light and firm, it is easy to move and handle

Alpine Glacier Express Swiss Station


Alpine Glacier Express Swiss Station

Platform Set for Glacier Express




Yen 3,850

Steel Catenary Poles for single track


Steel Catenary Poles for single track


Yen 1,320


Items suitable to reproduce such sceneries of Rhätische Bahn as simple electrified track, areas with catenary poles or under temporary work.  They can be used for double track system as well.

These items reproduce the simple outlook of the real poles, etc. made of H steel plated with a subdued silver color zinc.


The catenary poles are designed not to collide with a train of Swiss narrow gauge such as “Alpine Glacier Express” or “Rhätische Bahn Abe8/12 (Allegra) even when it passes a 150 mm curve track. 

Figures Passengers of “Glacier Express”


Seated passengers 3


Yen 1,100

6 figures including a standing crew member.  To fit them to the seats, part of legs is not formed.


Seated passengers 4


Yen 1,100

6 figures of passengers.  To fit them to the seats, part of legs is not formed.

These seated passengers can be used for other passenger cars than Glacier Express, too.

Sound Box/Sound Card (Glacier Express Ge4/4-III)
Feel the sound and announcements on the train as if you were really on it.



Yen 35,200

Sound card·

Plus an electric noise canceller.


Yen 3,080



*Sold by Hobby Center Kato

The exotic whistle sound and driving sound of locomotive Ge4/4-III are recorded in the sound card in addition to coupling and decoupling sound and squeak sound when travelling on a curve, the sound while running through a tunnel and the sound of moving on rack rail in an area (of another railway company where Rhätische Bahn trains travel.)


The sound of doors of the passenger cars, pulled by the locomotive, opening or closing and announcements on trains are recorded in the card.


Sound cards of sounds synchronizing with the move of the train make it possible for you to enjoy the speed up or down as if you were really driving the train.

In the sound mode prioritizing train controller, the scale model train moves according to the control lever on the power pack.


Even the beginners who want to start using the sound box can enjoy it handily.


The product package includes “function stickers” for the sound box.


“Electric Noise Canceller” is sold separately in case of running European scale models produced by Kato. (Sold separately by Hobby Center Kato.)

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