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The color scheme of wrapped locomotive marking the centenary of Alubula line is reproduced in bright colors.

Alubula line connects Thusis and St. Moritz in the RhB copes with some 400 meter altitude difference.
It has many tourist attraction sites such as the loop tunnel and Albula tunnel dug through beneath Albula mountain pass, etc.  Grandiose landscapes conserved along the line were registered as World Heritage Sites in 2008 together with Bernina line that became a world famous railway. 
This item is a model locomotive Ge4/4-Ⅲ in the paint scheme marking the centenary of the line.


Alpine Loco. Ge4/4 Ⅲ "Albura Line 100th Anniversary Version"



Reproduce the vivid colors and details of the body paint that was wrapped in the 100th anniversary of the Albula line .

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