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The Rhätische Bahn's log transport is Supporting the forestry industry along Railway

The Rhaetian Railway is located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, which is blessed with the rich natural beauty of the Alps. The railroad is also active in the forestry industry, and the transportation of logs by rail is a symbolic scene along its route. The "R-w" long goods cars used for transportation are freight cars that can transport not only logs, but also containers and heavy machinery. They can also be seen running on surface tracks with logs loaded, or operating in short trains with no cargo loaded.


RhB Flat Car R-w with Logs 4-Car-Set 





RhB Flat Car R-w




Logs for RhB Flat Car




・A long freight car R-w to carry logs will join the series of Rhaetische Bahn.
・Among R-w cars, Kato will make scale models of Car Nos. 8381 through 8385 which are equipped with container latches.
・The set loaded with logs will be made into a scale model loaded with 3 piles of logs.
・Supports on the car sides are included in the set. Selection can be made either to erect or lay them down.
・A design of Swiss logistics company "Railcare" is adopted for containers, with cute ilustrations on all white containers.
・Equipped with short couplers as standard. Arnold couplers are included for exchange.
・Accessories in each set: Arnold couplers for exchange, supports, brake handles for 4-car sets
・Accessories for a single car: Arnold couplers for exchange, supports, brake handle for 1 car
・Minimum negotiable radius: R150

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