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Glacier Express pulled by Ge4/4 III in special paint scheme with Landwasser Bridge design.

Ge4/4-Ⅲ Electric Locomotives drawing “Glacier Express” are mostly painted red. One of them, Locomotive No. 650, is with an illustration of Landwasser Viaduct on the side painted light blue.  This was adopted for the promotion for designation of the RhB’s railway and the landscape expanding around them as the World Heritage Sites, using Landwasser Viaduct as the symbol.


Alpine Glacier Express UNESCO


7-Car Set


The 7-car set of the Glacier Express reproduces the UNESCO-painted locomotive.



Alpine Loco. Ge4/4 Ⅲ ”UNESCO”



Alpine Loco. Ge4/4 Ⅲ ”UNESCO”
●Short coupler equipped, Arnold coupler supplied for exchange.
●Minimum Turning Radius R150mm

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