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Enjoy Rhätische Bahn with N-scale models

Beginning of the series

Kato has been manufacturing scale models of overseas rolling stock for more than 30 years.  Most of them were items dedicatedly targeted for the foreign markets.


In 2000s, we started to make overseas trains’ scale models aiming to distribute substantially in Japan as well as abroad.  For the purpose to develop not only separate single items but series of products on a continuous basis, it was planned to produce series of “Glacier Express” for the popularity of the train across the globe.  Thus started the Rhätische Bahn series.


Deliberately produced in N-scale (1/150)

The real Rhätische Bahn railways are of narrow gauge (meter gauge with 1 m width of the rails).  So it is certainly reasonable to make it in N scale with 6.5 mm track width.  But Kato adopted the reduction scale of 1/150 in 9 mm track wide N scale from the thought that people can have fun of running the express rather easily with the N-scale track system on hand.

Pleasure of making various train compositions freely enhances much more.

Ever since the release of “Glacier Express” in 2013, Kato has put on the market numerous items such as sightseeing trains, passenger trains, diners, etc. in the Rhätische Bahn series.  Many items are now available as scale models from Kato to enjoy making various train compositions freely.  No need to worry about any fixed rule that the trains ought to be composed this or that way.  Any train formation may be made freely. 


What kind of train compositions can be made?

Colorful trains can be formed, using Kato’s N-scale models.

Kato’s N-scale model series Rhätische Bahn allow mixed car trains as well as basic train compositions.

Glacier Express

Normal Glacier Express train composition can be changed by replacing the diner car with the blue restaurant car “Gourmino” and/or the Glacier Express Locomotive with Ge 4/4-II.


Bernina Express

Bernina Express is connected with an electric train Abe8/12 which has force of traction comparable to a locomotive. Please do not miss out the open panoramic passenger trains which are put in operation in the high season.

Normal trains of EW 1 passenger cars

Normal passenger trains of Rhätische Bahn are composed, using mostly EW 1 (Einzelwagen 1 = single wagon 1).  A power supply/baggage car planned for release in June, 2021 will fit to them very well.

Distinctive train compositions including extra trains


It is a charm of the Rhätische Bahn to make mixed train sets by connecting the blue restaurant cars or panoramic passenger cars, whatever you like. Why don’t you connect passenger cars on hand, referring to the below examples.


Enjoy Rhätische Bahn in a compact way.

Carriages of Rhätische Bahn are designed to negotiate a curve of the minimum radius of 150 degrees of the Kato track system “Unitrack Compact Series”.  The scale models of Rhätische Bahn is designed to travel compactly, freely and realistically by forests or on track winding up cliffs as well as on street tram track in cities.

Rich lineup of accessories such as stations, platforms or catenary poles to create the atmosphere of Rhätische Bahn

Kato's Rhätische Bahn series are not limited to carriages.  Not to mention stations, platforms matching the low floor carriages or catenary poles, “Alpine Glacier Express Desktop Layout”is enjoying popularity as an item which allows you to create and enjoy handily the Swiss mountain railway.


Hobby Center Kato imports and sells structure items such as station, bridges and signals made by European makers of diorama accessories including Noch and Faller.  Why don’t you make a small Switzerland at home by adding them? 


With R150 degree curve track used, vehicles, which can run on it, are limited.


Sold as an official product of the firm Rhätische Bahn

The scale model of “Alpine Glacier Express”, which was the starting point of the series, is sold in Switzerland as the official product in the original packages of Rhätische Bahn, which is very popular among the tourists visiting the Rhätische Bahn.

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