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A distinctive electric train car popular with the nickname “Allegra” meaning “Hello” or “Welcome”

AC/DC electric train car Abe8/12 “Allegra” is operated in a wide area ranging from main lines to branch lines of RhB.
It is a unique and reliable vehicle which is an electric train car of RhB but it is capable of drawing passenger cars like a locomotive.
It is well known for drawing Bernina Express passenger cars but often seen drawing a normal train consisting of general type passenger cars EW-1.


Rhaetische Bahn ABe8/12 "Allegra"


3-Car Set


The train is compatible with both AC 11kv16 2/3Hz on the main line and DC 1000v on the Bernina line, and the multiple pantographs are accurately reproduced.

The train is equipped with multiple pantographs for two power sources.

The headlights are lit in three locations. The tail lights are reproduced with a single light on the right side of the headlight when the coaches are connected.

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