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Elegant Passenger Cars are reproduced with the side windows winding up over the round roof shoulders providing a panoramic view.

Bernina Express Passenger Cars can be installed with lighting unit.  A dedicated reflector is supplied with the product. The light shed from the wide windows is reminiscent of a train travel at dusk.  As it is capable of negotiating a curve of minimum radius R150, it can run even such a winding railroad as Bernina line with sharp curves continuing one after another.


Rhaetische Bahn BERNINA


5-Car Basic Set


Rhaetische Bahn BERNINA


4-Car Add-On Set


The interior of the first class carriage with 2+1 seating arrangement and the second class carriage with 2+2 seating arrangement are accurately reproduced.

Both the Allegra and Panorama coaches use short couplers for the Glacier Express.

Both the Allegra and Panorama coaches can be lit with interior lights.

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