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A locomotive which runs as the symbol of friendship between RhB and Hakone Mountain Railway.

On June 1,1979 marking the 60th anniversary since Hakone Mountain Railway opened emulating the former Bernina Bahn (now part of RhB), the partnership with RhB was concluded in cooperation with Swiss Travel Bureau. In 2010 commemorating the centenary of RhB, locomotive Ge4/4-Ⅱ622 “Arosa” was renewed into a paint scheme using the Japanese logo design signifying the partner railway, Hakone Mountain Railway.


This is a picture of adding 1st class cars. The product is a locomotive + 1 class car + 1 class car + 1 car.

Ge4/4-II "Hakone Tozan Railway"+EW1 Coach


3-Car Set


The prototype of the locomotive is Ge4/4-II No. 622, which is currently wrapped in "Hakone Tozan Railway".
Ge4/4-II No.622
All three headlights are on (bulb color).
EW I passenger car
First class car: A1244 Second class car: B2344
Interior lights can be installed.
The minimum passing radius is R150.



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